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Warning: compare_models is in Beta phase and indicated only for experimental purposes.

Compare the performance of first touch, last touch, linear touch, Markov model, Shapley value and logistic regression in a simulated traffic allocation problem based on real data.


Datadata.framedata.frame including customer journeys
var_pathstrname of the column containing paths
var_convstrname of the column containing total conversions
cha_sepstr">"separator between channels
perc_realldouble0.10Percentage of traffic to reallocate
perc_sampledouble0.10Percentage of sampled customer journeys
max_nsimint10000Maximum number of sampled customer journeys
min_perc_trafficdouble0.005Minimum percentage of traffic equally split among each channel
niterint10Number of iterations
flg_extra_pathbool1If = 1, extra paths will be added to Data
max_markov_orderint3all the Markov models of order <= max_markov_order will be computed
seedint1234567random seed
verboseint1If = 1, some information is printed during the execution
serverstr""address of the server where password will be checked to authorize the execution of the function


performancedata.frameperformance in term of conversion rate reached by each attribution model
allocationdata.frametraffic allocation suggested by each attribution model