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The in-house marketing attribution solution

With over 300,000 downloads and counting, ChannelAttribution is the leading solution used by Companies to build in-house data-driven attribution models.

For enterprises we created ChannelAttribution Pro, a streamlined suite of automatic, scalable and customizable models.

Try Channel Attribution Pro 3


$ pip install --upgrade setuptools

$ pip install ChannelAttribution

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Trusted by Enterprises worldwide

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Read more about how we helped GetYourGuide to build an in-house data driven attribution model

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Is Channel Attribution Pro right for you?

  • You want to develop accurate, scalable models to measure the impact of marketing investments.
  • You don't have time or lack expertise to build marketing measurement models from scratch.
  • You want guidance from expert Data Scientists who have years of experience in tackling marketing measurement problems.

Introducing Channel Attribution Pro

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Use our tried and tested models to accurately measure the impact of your marketing investments.

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Tune your models to the unique needs of your business model and data model.

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Run your models on massive data sets leveraging our efficient parallel processing algorithms.

Products Features

Open Source Version
ChannelAttribution Pro
FeaturesChannel Level Multi-Touch Attribution with Markov Model
Transaction Level Multi-Touch Attribution with Markov Model and Shapley Value
Combined attribution from a Multi-Touch model and a Media-Mix model at Transaction Level
Process huge amount of Customer Journeys avoiding out-of-memory issues
Out-of-Sample choice of the best Markov model order also for highly imbalanced data
Real Time Attribution with Markov Model and Shapley Value
Scalable Processing
Preconfigured Docker Containers with RStudio or Jupyter and ChannelAttributionPro installed
Data cleaning and Exploration
Custom Visualization
Model deployment
OtherAccess to the Marketing Measurement Handbook
Provide input on the ChannelAttribution dev roadmap
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Senior Data Analyst, Get Your Guide

“ChannelAttribution Pro is a cornerstone of our marketing measurement strategy. The methodology came up from an intense collaboration with the ChannelAttribution team. As far as we know, it is an industry breakthrough.”

-Baptiste Amar

Senior Data Analyst, Get Your Guide

Marketing Technology Lead, Albelli

“We are using ChannelAttribution Pro to create automated reports on campaign level marketing performance. This already gives us a much better understanding of the performance of certain channels (for example Display and App Acquisition channels) than what we had with more simplistic (heuristic) attribution models.”

-Hampus Hansson

Marketing Technology Lead, Albelli

Principal Data Scientist, Cloudera

“By leveraging a data-driven attribution model we have eliminated the biases associated with traditional attribution mechanisms. We have been able to understand how various messages influence our potential customers and the variances by geography and revenue type.”

-James Kinley

Principal Data Scientist, Cloudera

Group Product Manager, Adobe Analytics

“Markov chains can be a pain to implement (especially at scale), but luckily for us, the “ChannelAttribution” R package written by Davide Altomare and David Loris makes this a lot easier.”

-Trevor Paulsen

Group Product Manager, Adobe Analytics

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  • and are partnering to bring the best Channel Attribution Solution to more advanced Marketers in North America.

  • Get instant access to an award-winning marketing data science team to fast-track your attribution and marketing projects.