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Attribution with Unified Attribution model.


df_aggrdata.framedata.frame with the observed number of conversions and touchpoints.
df_ctrdata.framedata.frame with click-through rates for channels expressed in number of clicks
df_pathsdata.frameNonedata.frame with customer journeys
channel_conv_namestr"((CONV))"how conversion state is identified in df_paths
orderint1Markov model order
nsim_startint1e5minimum number of simulations to be used in computation
max_stepintNonemaximum number of length for a single simulated path
ncoreint1number of threads to be used in computation
nfoldint10how many repetitions to be used to verify if convergence has been reached at each iteration
seedint1234567random seed. Giving this parameter the same value over different runs guarantees that results will not vary
conv_pardouble0.05convergence parameter for the algorithm. The estimation process ends when the percentage of variation of the results over different repetions is less than convergence parameter
rate_step_simdouble1.5number of simulations used at each iteration is equal to the number of simulations used at previous iteration multiplied by rate_step_sim
verboseboolTrueif True, additional information during the execution will be shown
serverstr""address of the server where password will be checked to authorize the execution of the function


attributiondata.framequote of conversions and/or conversion value attributed to each channel considered at each time point