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Transaction-level attribution with Shapley value can be performed with function shapley.


Datadata.frame/strdata.frame or a file address where customer journeys are stored
var_pathstrname of the column containing paths
var_convstrname of the column containing total conversions
var_valuestrNonename of the column containing total conversion value
var_nullstrNonename of the column containing total paths that do not lead to conversion
row_sepstr","if Data is a file address then row _sep is the line separator
cha_sepstr">"separator between channels
type_worthstr"odds"type of quantity used for attribution. It can be equal to "sum" (sum of conversions), "cr" (conversion rate), "odds" (classical odds), "diff_odds" (differential odds) or "exp_odds" (exponential odds)
verboseboolTrueif True, additional information during the execution will be shown
file_outputstrNonefile address where path attribution will be written
flg_write_nullsboolTrueIf True then non converting paths will be returned in path attribution output
flg_write_pathsboolFalseIf True then paths will be returned in the path attribution output
serverstr""address of the server where password will be checked to authorize the execution of the function


parametersdata.frameparameters for transaction-level attribution
attributiondata.framepath-level attribution