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ChannelAttribution Pro


Linux and Windows

  • Download and run the installation script -- Python -- R

  • Get a password to use ChannelAttribution Pro filling in this short form


For Mac, ChannelAttribution Pro is available through ChannelAttribution Pro JLab, a docker container which includes Jupyter Lab with Python, R and ChannelAttribution Pro installed.

  • Download and install Docker for Mac

  • Download ChannelAttribution Pro JLab

  • In a terminal give to the executable permissions:

    cd /path/where/run-chattrpro-jlab/is/stored/
    chmod +x
  • Run

  • Get a password to use ChannelAttribution Pro filling in this short form

Use cases

  • Perform transaction-level attribution with Makov model -- Python -- R

  • Perform budget allocation with Markov model -- Python -- R

  • Given a customer journey, find the next action the user should take to maximize the conversion probability -- Python -- R

  • Other use cases for all the functions included in ChannelAttribution Pro -- Python -- R


  • Learn why ChannelAttribution Pro is the best choice for marketing attribution and budget allocation by reading our Paper

Other documents

  • If you want to know how to install ChannelAttribution Pro and deepen its features you can read our Handbook

  • Learn more about how we helped GetYourGuide, a Berlin-based online travel agency and marketplace, boost revenue.

  • For an introduction to multi-touch attribution with Markov model you can read our White Paper

ChannelAttribution (open source)



rego (automatic time series forecasting)