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About us


In a fast-evolving world, we believe that marketers should have quick access to the most advanced algorithms to be competitive. ChannelAttribution provides the link between research and business in the fast evolving domain of Marketing Measurement and Attribution Modeling. We develop the most advanced methods and support their adoption by companies that want to deploy these models in-house.

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Our Story

Prior to starting ChannelAttribution, Davide Altomare and David Loris worked as Data Scientists in the Expedia Search Intelligence team. Here they had considerable success in developing solutions to support the work of the marketing team. They continued their work in this field after leaving Expedia, implementing successful projects at industry leading companies such as Travelocity, GetYourGuide, Zalando, Uber Eats and many more. They soon realized that there was a gap in the market as no solution was available to support the development of in-house attribution models.This realization led to the development and release of ChannelAttribution open source.

Released in 2015, ChannelAttribution Open Source quickly became the leading solution used by Data Scientists to develop in-house multi-touch attribution models. Since its launch it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has been cited widely in scientific and business publications.

Released in 2021, ChannelAttribution Pro is the premium version created to address the needs of our enterprise users which include Atlassian, Aetna, Telefonica and many more. We continue to work hand-in-hand with the Data Scientists and Marketers at these companies to push the envelope in Marketing Measurement and Attribution Modeling. This has led to industry breakthroughs such as our recently released Hidden Touch Attribution model.

Our values



We push the envelope to develop cutting edge solutions



We challenge the status quo and push ourselves to think outside of the box



We collaborate with our users to develop solutions that address their needs



We empower our users to make informed decisions



We use scientific rigor to deliver measurable improvement in marketing performance



We spend most of our time building useful things, then we writing out about it