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ChannelAttribution Pro was used at GetYourGuide to build an in-house multi-touch attribution model, which replaced the previous heuristic model as the source of truth for marketing attribution.


The first step in the project was to build the data set on which to run the model. An internal tracking and data process was established to create a consolidated data set with all touch points in the user journey. This data was then used to run multi-touch attribution using the markov model in ChannelAttribution Pro. The markov model analyzes the contribution of every touchpoint in the user journey and showed that the heuristic model was significantly undervaluing some channels and overvaluing others. The model was then deployed in production and integrated into data pipelines and reporting. ChannelAttribution Pro now provides the source of truth for marketing attribution company-wide.


The markov
model identified
more revenue allocated
to mid-funnel channels.
Being able to accurately measure the return on these channels was a key enabler to scale investment. The mid-funnels channels achieved over
in revenue growth when comparing
2022 to 2019.*
* Due to COVID, many changes in the business and channel split, it is not possible to determine precisely what portion of this uplift is driven by the new attribution model.


There was also a positive impact on the way in which channel owners work together. Having a better understanding of the contribution of each channel at different stages of the funnel leads to better alignment towards achieving a common goal.


“ChannelAttribution Pro is a cornerstone of our marketing measurement strategy and the source of truth for conversion and revenue allocation by channel. The markov model allows us to accurately model the contribution of campaigns and channels at all stages of the funnel. This was a key enabler to scale investment on mid-funnel channels and has also encouraged channel owners to work together and interact towards achieving a common goal.”

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