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Roadmap for ChannelAttribution Pro

Include adstock effects in Unified Attribution modelEnhance the unified attribution model by incorporating adstock effects.30th April 2024
Markov model with external variablesImprove Markov model including external variables. External variables could include any information related to customer and the journey that can be collected through first-party cookies or other methods. Examples: distance in time between each touchpoint in a customer journey and the conversion state, type of device used by customer, type of browser used by customer, geographic region of the customer etc..30th June 2024
Compare Unified Attribution model vs Media Mix modelCompare the unified attribution model and media-mix model in a simulated budget allocation problem based on real data.31th Aug 2024
Speed-up computation for Markov modelReduce computational burden for problems with a high number of channels with respect to number of paths.31th October 2024