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What is ChannelAttribution Pro?

ChannelAttribution Pro is a machine learning library for data-driven marketing attribution and budget allocation from customer-journey data. It is an R package and a Python library available for the main Operative Systems (Linux, Windows and Mac). We can also provide a preconfigured Docker container with RStudio or Jupyter and ChannelAttribution Pro installed.

How is ChannelAttribution Pro shipped?

ChannelAttribution Pro is a package available for R and Python on most operating systems. If you have questions about compatibility feel free to contact

How can I test ChannelAttribution Pro?

Simply fill in this form. We will review your request then, if approved, we will email you a download link, documentation and trial license key.

How long is the trial period?

The normal trial period is 60 days. This can be extended if necessary in order to give you time to properly evaluate ChannelAttribution Pro.

How is ChannelAttribution Pro priced?
Non-profit users
Student or researcher with a valid university emailFreeAfter the trial period the license can be renewed every 2 months for free
Non-profit companyFreeAfter the trial period the license can be renewed every 1 year for free
For-profit companies
Annual revenuePrice
< 1/2 million eur199 eur/month *
< 1 million eur499 eur/month *
< 10 million eur1,499 eur/month *
< 50 million eur3,499 eur/month *
>= 50 million eurcontact us at

* 20% discount on annual subscription

Does ChannelAttribution Pro elaborate and transfer my data outside the server where I have installed it?

No, all the elaborations are made on the local system where ChannelAttribution Pro is installed and no data are transferred outside your local environment.

Do you offer a data management partner or hosted cloud based solution?

No. We are focused on improving the attribution models and in pushing the envelope on attribution modeling and furthering scientific research on marketing measurement. Our clients must be able to perform tracking and data structuring in-house.

What support do you offer for ChannelAttribution Pro?

We offer support by email for installation and any other issues you may have, contact us to know more.