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Allocate your budget to your marketing channels using the attribution performed through Markov model. Budget allocation with Markov model can be performed with function markov_budget_allocation


res_markovlistlist of data.frame containing the output of a markov_model function
total_budget_newdoubleoverall budget you want allocate
tab_costsdata.frameNonedata.frame containing the spend for each channel in the time period when customer journeys have been observed. The parameter is optional and can be set to None if spends are not known
perc_realldouble0.1percentage of the overall budget that will be reallocate. (1-perc_reall) is the percentage of the overall budget that will allocated as in the last allocation. Since the allocation algorithm is a local optimization algorithm we suggest allocating a small percentage of the overall budget each time
min_perc_budgetdouble0.01percentage of the overall budget that will be allocated equally through all the channels involved. This avoids that for one or more channels the allocation can be 0
serverstr""address of the server where password will be checked to authorize the execution of the function


allocationdata.framesuggested budget allocation