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ChannelAttribution Pro

ChannelAttribution Pro is the professional version of ChannelAttribution. ChannelAttribution Pro is a Python library and an R package which improves ChannelAttribution by offering the following extra features:

  • transaction-level attribution with Markov models and Shapley value;
  • real-time attribution with Markov model and Shapley value. You can train the model once and than use it for performing attribution on new customer-journeys without retraining;
  • Markov model and Shapley value with odds that showed the best performance in terms of generated revenue with respect the main adopted attribution methods;
  • combine attribution performed by a multi-touch model and a media-mix model at transaction level;
  • elaborate huge datasets containing customer journey one line at a time without loading them in memory.
  • out-of-sample validation algorithm for choosing the best Markov model order also for highly imbalanced data;
  • multiprocessing for a faster execution of large sized attribution problems;
  • preconfigured Docker containers with RStudio or Jupyter and ChannelAttribution Pro installed;

Deepen the features of ChannelAttribution Pro reading our Handbook.

Read out Paper about marketing attribution and budget allocation and see how Markov model outperforms the most used attribution models.

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